Developer Diary: Hotel Updates

Northop Hall Hotel 

Autumn 2019 – Is it nearly Christmas?

With the run up to Christmas being the Hotel’s busiest time, the Kitchen and Events staff have worked hard putting together successful festive and autumnal packages. The appointment of our new General Manager has seen an increase in revenue and occupancy, so much so that many of our Christmas events are sold out.


June 2019 - The future’s bright & 27degrees!

Our Marketing and Events manager has joined forces with a new advertising and social media company, which has pushed the Hotel onto all the right platforms giving us an even greater online presence.

After the success of last years family fun day, we thought we should do it again and the team has taken promotion up a notch! The 29th June saw temperatures of 27 degrees and inflatable bars and fair ground rides, suffice to say lots of fun was had as once again as hundreds of guests enjoyed a great family day out!  

Our marketing and events team have and continue to work tirelessly to ensure the event and all future events, including the next outdoor cinema, run smoothly. We are also focussing our time on designing new wedding packages ready for our Wedding fayre this month!


December 2018 - A Classic Touch at Northop Hall

The oldest bedrooms in the hotel from Rooms 101 – 109 have now been lovingly restored by our creative designers, replacing dilapidated furnishings and decor and giving the bedrooms a rich, classical look. These rooms are proving to be very popular with guests and as you can tell from the photos it’s not difficult to see why.

October 2, 2018 - Northop Hall Hits The Roof

Records were broken in August and September as occupancy climbed past 80% for two consecutive months for the first time since the investment began in late 2017.Broken down weekly it averaged at 82% across the month of August with one week (13th-19th August) climbing as high as 94%!You would be forgiven for thinking the hotel peaked here but a barnstorming September recorded a monthly average of 83.5%; the staff have never seen the hotel so busy.With more successful weekly events that brought in hundreds of new visitors and the addition of a new Head Chef, September could prove to be a watershed month for the hotel as it continues its successful transition.


August 31, 2018 - Summer Ending Cinema Attracts Hundreds
A great day out at the cinema at Northop Hall Hotel



August 7, 2018 - Social Media Causing A Stir
The events team have had their work cut out over the last few weeks as all the hard work of the previous months finally began to come to fruition.

The market research painstakingly conducted since the start of the year has enabled the hotel to find its key demographic and target audience and almost from nowhere the hotel seems to have gained a huge foothold in the area with the marketing of four sold out events in less than a month.
From an Outdoor Cinema at the end of August, to a nostalgic 80’s themed night at the hotel in September and a murder mystery night in November, the events team have sold an amazing 1,000 tickets for various events taking place throughout the rest of the year.
Although marketing was always the key to a successful relaunch of the hotel not even the most optimistic members of our team could have envisaged the speed and level of success we are now seeing.
Facebook users please search @NorthopHall and follow the hotel page to keep a close eye on what’s going on.


July 2018 - All Systems Are Go
It’s not just renovations that are improving the occupancy and footfall at Northop Hall, one of the most vital and necessary changes that the hotel needed was in its infrastructure and those areas have been worked on over the last couple of months.

Work has begun on a new super-fast broadband service with Wifi finally accessible throughout the hotel for the first time ever. The hotel can now stretch its marketing and compete with rivals for a larger share of their weekday business trade.
The hotels reservation systems upgrade has begun with an up to date cloud based system to replace the current model which hadn’t been upgraded for ten years. With pro-active real time reporting the management team can now keep a closer eye on productivity and profitability.
The improvement to these two parts of the hotel infrastructure may not be as apparent to visitors or investors but these are two of the most important changes we’ve made in the hotel. It is a sizeable investment into the hotel and while the short term cost is hight the long term improvements will bring enormous financial benefits as we head into Year 2 and beyond.


May 26th 2018 - The Cottage Is Complete
With the ground floor renovations complete and upgraded event and wedding facilities for visitors to enjoy, it was time to begin working on bedrooms. The first has been a very special project transforming old staff quarters into a three bedroom holiday and wedding let. We transformed the old cottage into a bright, modern space from what was essentially a derelict building and we are already reaping the benefits with a number of bookings even before it hits our booking platforms.

The benefits we will see from this go further than creating extra bedrooms, it is a chance for Northop Hall to continue to build on their wedding packages offering little extras that competitors may not be able to match as we build towards an exciting and prosperous 2019 and beyond.

May 11th 2018 - Amazing Attendance for Community Fun Day
The hotel and it’s staff were blown away as almost a thousand people turned up for the May Bank Holiday Fun Day. Numbers were treble what was originally expected but due to great advertising and of course great weather, people came from miles around and filled Northop Hall inside and out on a day when the new owners really did make their mark.

With everything from giant inflatables to pony rides round the lawn, all ages were catered for and it was wonderful to see so many people enjoy the facilities at the hotel. It also raised valuable funds for the local primary school who were delighted with the contribution to their school funds.

The Belgrave Chester

November 2019 – Complete in time for Christmas!

The new rooms are complete, ready to welcome tired guests after a long day of Christmas shopping in Chester who can then enjoy a festive night cap in our newly opened bar before retiring to bed.

The rooms have been built over the course of the last 6 months taking the hotel to 43 bedrooms and maximising the busy seasonal and weekend trade that the hotel enjoys.


July 2019 - Setting the Bar High

We now have a new bar at The Belgrave Hotel, just in time for the race season in Chester – which already attracts lots of business to the hotel. Customers are now able to enjoy a relaxing drink before a day at the races, before a great night out in Chester or even a nightcap before bed. This will put The Belgrave firmly on the map! 


 May 2019 - Onwards and outwards

We’re expanding! Planning permission granted, we have started building new rooms at both Belgrave and Northop Hall. This is a case of supply and demand, with the hotels as busy as ever, we want to create enough space to meet our guests needs! Building will be completed by the end of 2019 with a total of 12 new rooms being created. 


July 2018 - Introducing The Belgrave Hotel Chester

July 2018 marked our purchase of The Belgrave in Chester; a popular 34 bedroom hotel just yards from Chester Railway Station. Currently a budget hotel the aim is a full top to bottom superficial refurbishment with new bedrooms and bathrooms to make it even more popular than it already is.
Due to its very high occupancy we are sectioning off small parts of the hotel so as not to affect the day to day running and it is the lounge area and Rooms 34-37 currently receiving the full treatment as you can see from the photos attached.


October 3, 2018 - Bright Start At The Belgrave
The first twelve weeks have flown by at The Belgrave, Chester as the transformation begins to take place in this high occupancy, city centre hotel.
Any fears that the hotel would rely heavily on tourist trade have been quashed as September outperformed July and August achieving a peak weekly occupancy of 75% and a great monthly average of 67% this despite five rooms being completely out of service due to the renovations taking place.
With a strong midweek business trade and every single Saturday since July being sold out, The Belgrave will prove to be quite the investment bargain over the next five years.

 November 30, 2018 - The Belgrave Keeps On Rollin’
We begin to move steadily on back down the stairs from the top floor now that the transformation is complete for Rooms 35-38. The former bar area has now been almost completely ripped out and work begins on the communal areas shortly. The less glamorous of the renovations such as the replacement of the central heating system is also well under way to make the hotel more energy efficient, not exciting Friday blog news we know but all improvements all the same!
We are the victims of our location as continuous high occupancy rates mean we have to tread carefully but the work continues at a good pace and during some downtime over Christmas we will have the chance to speed up our work. Until then it is a case of packing in the business trade in the week and the tourists of a weekend.  

Durker Roods

November 2019 – Countdown to Christmas!

The hotel is officially on count down to Christmas, with a variety of exciting events coming up, Christmas parties and our amazing New Years Eve line up.


October 2019 – Boo done it?

What better month to have a eerie murder mystery night than October?

After the success of the first summer murder mystery night, we were keen to provide our guests with another memorable evening, full of ghosts and gools, fine wine and excellent food. The busy evening saw the hotel at full occupancy and staff rushed off their feet. However, this meant we were able to meet its ambitious revenue target for October.


August 2019 – The Greatest Showman under the Stars

Our Events team at Durker Roods have been working hard throughout the Summer, ending the season in style! A warm summers evening at the end of August saw our lovely customers enjoying ‘The Greatest Showman’ in our first outdoor cinema.

We sold over 150 tickets and the night was a massive success!


July 2019 - Bottomless brunch anyone?

Progress is being made on bringing Durker Roods back to life! From Murder Mystery evenings to Gin tasting, we’ve got it covered. In the first week of July we recorded our highest ever occupancy figures, hitting nearly 90%.  Our future events will have a massive impact on figures, Bottomless brunch and a Peter Kay tribute act will be sure to pack a brunch! Pun intended!


March 2019 - 2019 Starts with a bang!

2019 has welcomed some new additions to the Merydion Family including the Durker Roods Hotel, an award winning provider of overnight accommodation and fine dining. For the past 40 years the hotel has been used as a wedding venue, and with the hiring of our experienced new event planner, we hope to carry on for the next 40 (and more) years, providing our guests with a variety of different events, not just weddings.

Behind the scenes and back in the office, we welcome a new office manager, charged with the task of organising our many investors needs!