Why Invest In Hotels
Part commercial property, part residential property the hotel investment model is one of the fastest growing in the UK and is proving to be popular with both UK and overseas investors.
With investors taking leaseholds over their investments and enjoying periods of five to ten years of assured returns, client’s from all over the world are switching to this type of investment and enjoying immediate returns and other benefits that other models can’t compete with.
With management companies taking care of the day to day running on their behalf, investors can enjoy a completely hands off approach whilst being able to watch from afar with an online presence giving them a good idea of how their investment is working for them.
Hotels also add another layer of diversification to an intelligent investors portfolio with a relatively low risk for high returns as they are investing in long running businesses with years of successful trading history in buildings which will benefit from capital appreciation.
With increased buybacks at the end of their agreement, client’s will enjoy an uplift on their original investment which other models traditionally don’t offer.